Should it be admitted that the idea for this came from introducing my 8 year old daughter to ‘Music Theory for Dummies’?  page 17. figure 2-1.

Although the most approachable book for learning Music Theory ( does exactly wot it says on the tin), it has been left on the shelf, for a while, looking (yellowy) sort of pretty. As my daughter is learning piano, it was time for this Dummy to open the book and parently pretend the knowledge is written there and to be learnt from, and passed on…

Until I saw page 17. figure 2-1.

It probably is a well recognised diagram showing the hierarchy of notes. But for me it was a revelation. A simple tree structure, organised, very rigid.

After taking a photo, sending the image from phone to mac, vectorising and playing around a bit, I tried to think of what music/ song /animal / arrangement combination would suit. Leftfield, came almost instantly. Which tune? Has to be 90’s Leftfield, as that’s when I thought they were part of the collective sense of revolution….